plastic laminate

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Noun1.plastic laminate - a laminate made by bonding plastic layersplastic laminate - a laminate made by bonding plastic layers
Formica - any of various plastic laminates containing melamine
laminate - a sheet of material made by bonding two or more sheets or layers
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Plastic laminate is normally glued to its backing with contact cement, a special kind of glue that is applied to the back of the laminate and the counter surface (usually particleboard).
Our detailed design included bright colors, vinyl polka dot wall coverings, plastic laminates with non-linear patterns, child sized furniture, everything to make the children want to return again and again to the space;" added Nancy Ruddy.
However, if the continuous grid of plastic laminate is homogeneous and isotropic, the matrix of three-dimensional objects is far from neutral.
In truth, all six numbers smell pretty much alike - of slightly warm plastic laminate.
The desire to appear "high-tech" and technologically advanced has affected fabric, plastic laminate, wall covering and paint product offerings.
I've had the assembly instructions for my scooter sealed in a plastic laminate.
The study tested stainless steel, granite, plastic laminate, wood, tile and concrete surfaces to determine which could be cleaned and sanitized most effectively.
The most important identifying data of the document is contained on the biographical page, which normally includes a serialized passport number and the full name, date and place of birth, and a facial photograph of the bearer placed under a plastic laminate or embossed with a dry seal or wet seal impression.
Instead of furnishing the area with built-in casework made of plastic laminate, which tends to be very difficult to change, modular health care furniture can be easily specified to provide versatility as staff needs change from year to year.
However, its most valuable application is in the chemical mapping of a sample of varying composition, such as a wheat grain or plastic laminate, so that the chemical identity of particular components can be determined.
Metpar offers restroom partitions in all five material types: Powder Shield (Baked Enamel), Stainless Steel, Plastic Laminate, Phenolic, and Polly to meet your specific design and budget needs.
The goal of the development program is to provide an innovative, sustainable labels solution to replace conventional plastic laminate films currently used for printed labels.