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1. Capable of being shaped or formed: plastic material such as clay. See Synonyms at malleable.
2. Relating to or dealing with shaping or modeling: the plastic art of sculpture.
3. Having the qualities of sculpture; well-formed: "the astonishing plastic beauty of the chorus girls" (Frank Harris).
4. Giving form or shape to a substance: the plastic forces that create and wear down a mountain range.
5. Easily influenced; impressionable: "The plastic mind of the bank clerk had been ... distorted by what he had read" (Rudyard Kipling).
6. Made of a plastic or plastics: a plastic garden hose.
7. Physics Capable of undergoing continuous deformation without rupture or relaxation.
8. Biology
a. Capable of building tissue; formative.
b. Able to change and adapt, especially by acquiring alternative pathways for sensory perception or motor skills. Used of the central nervous system.
9. Marked by artificiality or superficiality: a plastic world of fad, hype, and sensation.
10. Informal Of or obtained by means of credit cards: plastic money.
1. Any of various organic compounds produced by polymerization, capable of being molded, extruded, cast into various shapes and films, or drawn into filaments used as textile fibers.
2. Informal A credit card or credit cards: would accept cash or plastic in payment.

[Latin plasticus, from Greek plastikos, from plastos, molded, from plassein, to mold; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]

plas′ti·cal·ly adv.
plas·tic′i·ty (-tĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
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Adv.1.plastically - in a plastic manner; "he used the clay plastically"
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Recently there have been significant advances made in the development of friction welding processes whereby heat is generated through mechanical friction between a moving work piece and a stationary component with the addition of a lateral force to plastically displaceand fuse the materials.
p]) indicates the capability of the material to dissipate energy plastically.
Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) is widespread for plastically deformed or closed parts of the automobile body and is frequently used where the part geometry restricts the application of resistance spot welding (RSW) or when the design requires supplementary joint strength and stiffness.
After the polystyrene concrete reaches its relatively low peak compressive strength, the matrix behaves much more plastically.
Using the yield strength and no safety factor (SF=1) will calculate an approximate theoretical pressure at which the tubing will begin to plastically deform.
The friction element starts to affect perfectly plastically when ultimate pile displacement during impact or shift Q is achieved.
He is usually one of an indistinguishable line of black-robed Jesuit extras, looking plastically pious at stage left of the mural.
in revealing the many ways in which Marker plastically altered his images, either through video synthesis or through digital manipulation, the exhibition offered an extremely timely revision to our understanding of his work and thoroughly demonstrated that an old cat like Guillaume was continually and expertly--no matter how naively--up to new tricks.
The chip deforms plastically under the stress on the inside chip surface, which increases with increase in bending moment.
There are two limit states of plastically deformed structures--the limit state of safety related to plastic collapse and the limit state of eligibility related to limit deformations (STR 2.
Seven research papers are also included, reporting on such matters as the effect of natural aging on some plastically deformed aluminum alloys using two different techniques, determining the activation energy for the formation and migration of thermal vacancies in 2024 aircraft material using different techniques and methods, and an annealing study of aluminum-magnesium wrought alloys using two different techniques and estimating the activation enthalpy of migrating defects.
The specimen can move into or out of the face of the hot surface depending on whether the specimen is expanding or plastically deforming (Fig.