plate glass

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plate glass

Strong glass in large sheets containing few impurities, used for mirrors and large windows.

plate glass



(Building) glass formed into a thin sheet by rolling, used for windows

plate′ glass′

a soda-lime-silica glass formed by rolling the hot glass into a plate that is subsequently ground and polished and used in large windows, mirrors, etc.
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Noun1.plate glass - glass formed into large thin sheetsplate glass - glass formed into large thin sheets
cover glass, cover slip - a small and very thin piece of glass used to cover the specimen on a microscope slide
pane, pane of glass, window glass - sheet glass cut in shapes for windows or doors
flat solid, sheet - a flat artifact that is thin relative to its length and width
microscope slide, slide - a small flat rectangular piece of glass on which specimens can be mounted for microscopic study
glass - a brittle transparent solid with irregular atomic structure
زُجاج مُصَفَّح كَثيف
zrcadlové sklo
zrkadlové sklo

plate glass

nvetro piano


(pleit) noun
1. a shallow dish for holding food etc. china plates.
2. a sheet of metal etc. The ship was built of steel plates.
3. articles made of, or plated with, usually gold or silver. a collection of gold plate.
4. a flat piece of metal inscribed with eg a name, for fixing to a door, or with a design etc, for use in printing.
5. an illustration in a book, usually on glossy paper. The book has ten full-colour plates.
6. (also dental plate) a piece of plastic that fits in the mouth with false teeth attached to it.
7. a sheet of glass etc coated with a sensitive film, used in photography.
ˈplated adjective
covered with a thin layer of a different metal. gold-plated dishes.
ˈplateful noun
the complete contents of a plate. a plateful of potatoes; two platefuls of chips.
ˈplating noun
a thin covering of metal. silver-plating.
plate glass
a kind of glass made in thick sheets for windows, mirrors etc.
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He drew from the little case a square of plate glass, a little tube of thick ink, a rubber roller, and a few snowy white cards.
Gobain Company, who made the finest plate glass in the world, and this is the finest piece they ever made.
They are as transparent as plate glass, and their coloring would shame the richest sky that ever bent over Italy.
Now and then she would pause and look into the window of some bookseller or flower shop, where, at this early hour, the goods were being arranged, and empty gaps behind the plate glass revealed a state of undress.
There was such a rush, as I hear, the other day at one of the offices to learn the foreign news by the last arrival, that several large squares of plate glass belonging to the establishment were broken by the pressure -- news which I seriously think a ready wit might write a twelve-month, or twelve years, beforehand with sufficient accuracy.
They helped create a glass painting by attaching various types of glass and metal objects to plate glass which are then fired and framed into a picture.
Tall, narrow panels on every floor pivot open, allowing light and air to filter in, while huge, plate glass windows enable sightlines that extend across entire floors and beyond.
The EPA alleged that the violations occurred during work to convert the former school into a community center for which JJ Welch was the primary contractor and New Hampshire Plate Glass was a subcontractor.
The Ford vehicle reversed through the main doors and plate glass windows of Lynch's Centra supermarket at Gort Road in Ennis, Co Clare at around 8.
He said that no one knows for certain exactly how they die, but it appears that the extreme reflective nature of the lake's surface confuses them, and like birds crashing into plate glass windows, they crash into the lake.
Stage I, II, III and IV : For insulator sets: DN120, DN160 PN120 TK210 : Quantity 21 000 pcs 97 00 pcs 27 000 pcs : For stage IVb same lines we require the following options For insulator sets: DN120, DN160 PN120 TK210 : Quantity about 12,500 pcs approx 5800 pcs approx 16,000 ks : Basic specifications of plate glass insulators Glass Plates insulator with characteristics according to DIN EN 60305 (IEC 60305 idt.
As sand, suitable for making plate glass can be extracted from the tar sands along the river, this discovery of natural gas may, in future years, prove a boon to glass manufacturing industries.