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Noun1.plateletpheresis - platelets are separated from whole blood and the rest is returned to the donor
pheresis, apheresis - a procedure in which blood is drawn and separated into its components by dialysis; some are retained and the rest are returned to the donor by transfusion
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Flow cytometric analysis of platelet membrane antigens during and after continuous-flow plateletpheresis.
procedure type (plasmapheresis, photopheresis, leukapheresis, plateletpheresis, LDL apheresis, erythrocytaperesis, lymphapheresis, lipidpheresis), and technologies (centrifugation, membrane filtration).
Platelets concentrate from whole blood can be prepared by PRP method or buffy-coat method and by plateletpheresis using cell separator.
Frequency of adverse events in plateletpheresis donors in regional transfusion centre in North India.
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Contract awarded for Plateletpheresis For Blood Bank Hcsa
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3) The participants' median annual transfusions for other components were 296 plateletpheresis units, 0 whole-blood-derived platelets, 972 plasma units, and 109 cryoprecipitate units.
On the Good News page: West Boylston's Ronald Rosenlund was recognized by the American Red Cross for his 175th plateletpheresis (blood platelet) donation; Louisa Proulx, of Boylston, was chosen as co-chairwoman (chief organizer of companies and worksites) for the Wachusett area of the annual American Heart Association Hearts in Bloom fundraiser, a flower purchasing project for Valentine's Day; students of the month at West Boylston middle/high school were Spencer Anderson, Michael Dame, Elizabeth Morrone and Joshua Savage.
Reference Year Age Sex Volume Onset extracted Dau et al (9) 1977 ND ND ND ND Wun et al (6) 1994 48 M 1200 cc 3 hrs Jones et al (10) 2002 39 F double-dose 4 days extraction (92 min) Leurent et al (2) 2010 47 M 724 cc 14 hrs Rosencher et al (3) 2011 57 M 663 cc 10 mins Reference Presentation Type Dau et al (9) Cerebrovascular Plasmapheresis accident Wun et al (6) Cerebrovascular Plasmapheresis accident Jones et al (10) Axillary vein Plateletpheresis thrombosis Leurent et al (2) Acute Plasmapheresis Myocardial Infarction Rosencher et al (3) Acute Plasmapheresis Myocardial Infarction ND--not documented
2-4] Currently, more than 50% of platelets are produced by plateletpheresis in developed countries.
Prophylactic plateletpheresis and blood transfusions were given over an eight-month period, and the patient's platelet count and periodic pancytopenia were being monitored.