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 (plə-tŏn′ĭk, plā-)
1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of Plato or his philosophy: Platonic dialogues; Platonic ontology.
2. often platonic Friendly or affectionate without involving sexual relations: platonic love.
3. often platonic Speculative or theoretical.

[After Plato.]

Pla·ton′i·cal·ly adv.


[pləˈtɒnɪklɪ] advplatonicamente
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With a large percent of respondents reporting that they have a work spouse, Monster is offering tips on celebrating Valentine's Day, platonically, with your special colleague.
The laying by Albert Magnus, often considered as rather like-minded with his pupil Thomas, of a foundation for the German Dominican Sonderentwicklung, in fact quite anti-Thomistic in some respect and platonically inclined in its character (Libera 2005:50-52, Flasch 67-69), is a disclosure environed with other revealings in German philosophical historiography.
As the passage and the chapter draw to an end on this Platonically heterodox note of veneration for the mundane and the mortal, language itself too breaks down.
Platonically, the unfallen inhabitants of Malacandra disdain reading, preferring to know, and reaffirm what they know through conversation.
The two split rent on a room, platonically shared ihe bed they found there and.
got to chat up the Gunday actor -- platonically, of course -- at the opening of Porte Des Indes, a new Indian restaurant at The Address Dubai Mall, on Saturday night, and he shared his idea of the meal that would win his heart.
Tomorrow, war breaks out; an autonomous torpedo boat--two officers, a dozen men--meets one of these liners carrying a cargo richer than that of the richest galleons of Spain and a crew and passengers of many hundreds; will the torpedo boat signify to the captain of the liner that it is there, that it is watching him, that it could sink him, and that consequently it makes him prisoner--him, his crew, his passengers of many hundreds--in a word that he has platonically been made a prize and should proceed to the nearest French port?
The universal does not correspond, Platonically, to a reality subsisting in itself, nor does it represent, nominalistically, the content of an empirical schematism or a mere explicative hypothesis.
While he has had many girlfriends - and even lives platonically with an ex-girlfriend, model Clare Staples, who is his manager - he's never married.
Becoming platonically involved with Carey Mulligan and young son while her husband's in jail leads to him becoming a marked man after a heist goes wrong.
I would further suggest that if we can assume the Law is neither Platonically static nor entirely ontologically temporal, then at this level of human idealism we may better be able to explain the problem of immoral or evil laws.
In other galleries, the archival vestiges of other works are exhibited, and videos evoke and display the remains of unrepeatable projects such as La Castidad (Chastity) [2006], an action in which artist Syd Krochmalny and I lived together platonically for a year, expressing affection only in nonphysical ways.