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plat 1

tr.v. plat·ted, plat·ting, plats
To plait or braid.
A braid.

[Middle English platen, alteration of plaiten, to fold, braid; see plait.]

plat 2

1. A piece of land; a plot.
2. A map showing actual or planned features, such as streets and building lots.
tr.v. plat·ted, plat·ting, plats
To make a plat of: plat a new town.

[Middle English, probably alteration (influenced by plat, something flat) of plot; see plot.]
References in classic literature ?
Their light household occupations, together with the manufacture of tappa, the platting of mats, and the polishing of drinking-vessels, were the only employments pertaining to the women.
In addition to the Department of Natural Resources% documents, the surveyor shall adhere to the Ketchikan Gateway Borough%s platting requirements.
It involves the redevelopment of an area known as Miles Platting in East Manchester which will transform a 264-acre area.