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also play list  (plā′lĭst′)
1. A list of musical selections for broadcast or performance: the radio station's playlist of songs.
2. A digital file designating a set of audio or video recordings to be played one after the other.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: list - a list of musical selections for performance or for broadcast by radio
list, listing - a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics)
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Further heart-wrenching offerings included Delicate by Irish troubadour Damien Rice, and the play list also featured Cat Stevens hit Father And Son and downbeat Arctic Monkeys album track Riot Van.
With support from voters the Cardiff youngsters could have their accappella version on the play list of every BBC6 show for two weeks - a prize which would make them the envy of every up-and-coming British band.
In light of the huge response from our listeners, some Cliff Richard songs will feature on our play list from now on.
To make a mix, users simply rip tracks from their CDs or download Internet music files into their preferred jukebox application, create a play list, and the MD Walkman player makes a seamlessly recorded, digital mix.
The play list runs on a random loop which will be frequently updated.
Now play lists , the little -known restrictions governing what you hear on your favourite station, have taken a step into the spotlight, A DJ can't just turn up and play his favourite record, as Tony Blackburn recently found out when he was temporarily suspended from Classic Gold for playing some of Cliff Richard's hits.
The 49ers are laughing off a report that the Green Bay Packers had a San Francisco play list before their Oct.
However, Doc Tahri's latest offering, whose title alludes to Albert Einstein's battles with the scientific establishment of his day, already has cracked the top 30 play list at several college music stations.
Easy management -- just like any MP3 player, songs appear on a play list and external keys on select phones provide the ability to play, pause, skip, fast forward and rewind
The OpenVision([c]) SRM supports targeted Ad insertion by providing the play list to the video server for both VOD features, promotions and Ads.
Through ongoing development of MT1, an additional feature will be launched whereby users will be able to create a play list of chapters, to organize and sort large manuscripts.
With other programming like Dedicate Live and the new text-tv block, fuse's young viewers use these devices to shape the play list, download music, play games and have their opinions appear on the screen during broadcasts.