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play therapy

A form of psychotherapy used with children to help them express or act out their experiences, feelings, and problems by playing with dolls, toys, and other play material, under the guidance or observation of a therapist.

play therapist n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: therapy - form of psychotherapy for children that uses play situations for diagnosis or treatment
psychotherapy - the treatment of mental or emotional problems by psychological means

play ther·a·py

n. terapia infantil aplicada en un ambiente de juguetes y juegos infantiles por medio de los cuales se estimula a los niños a revelar conflictos interiores.
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We have a play therapist who engages the children with several activities to make them comfortable before a surgery.
Safety can be experienced only if the play therapist is predictable.
This light, well-organized guide from licensed professional counselor and play therapist Edwards (Vanderbilt U.
Community Nursery Nurse; Trainee Play Therapist, Leicestershire Partnership Trust
Many staff members including play therapist and speech therapists in the department are working on contract basis for the last many years and their services needs to be regularized.
CRASAC currently has no local funding for this service and need to raise pounds 30,000 to provide a full-time specialist play therapist, lease a play therapy room and equip it.
Last month she received the Registered Play Therapist Supervisor credentialing, one of only 13 supervisors in the state of Arizona.
Even though there has been a shift in focus of the dependent variable, play therapist researchers have continued to concentrate on schools as an appropriate setting for intervention.
Play is a child's natural way of communicating, and with a play therapist they can explore various issues they might find difficult to express in other ways.
He looks ill and frightened, and the presurgical play therapist is called to help.