play therapy

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play therapy

A form of psychotherapy used with children to help them express or act out their experiences, feelings, and problems by playing with dolls, toys, and other play material, under the guidance or observation of a therapist.

play therapist n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: therapy - form of psychotherapy for children that uses play situations for diagnosis or treatment
psychotherapy - the treatment of mental or emotional problems by psychological means

play ther·a·py

n. terapia infantil aplicada en un ambiente de juguetes y juegos infantiles por medio de los cuales se estimula a los niños a revelar conflictos interiores.
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To Helen with her play therapy, to Kay Dyper and Doctor Chickermane and to everyone else involved.
Dubai Foundation for Women and Children is one of the first entities in the UAE to implement play therapy, which has yielded positive results when dealing with abused children.
The idea came from the charity, which uses play therapy to help children recover from abuse and neglect.
Her research interests include the use of Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) with children and parents, the use of play therapy and filial therapy with children who have experienced trauma, the inclusion of religious and spiritual beliefs in the counseling process and counseling programs, qualitative methodology, application of Adlerian theory and methods in supervision, and mentorship of women in graduate counseling programs.
Child-Centered Play Therapy Workbook: A Self-Directed Guide for Professionals is a resource created especially for therapists who use play therapy to aid child patients.
The Duchess went on to a play therapy room where Bailey Rupe, six, goes to talk to a counsellor.
Physiotherapy programmes offered by KIMS also include strategised play therapy, which helps children achieve delayed milestones and make them functional to perform most activities in daily life.
Therapy Services: Child Counseling - Play Therapy - Family Counseling - Coping & Adjustments - Anger Management - Group Therapy
Inspired by thet role that LEGO plays in the ASD community for enhancing play therapy, during the remainder of November and throughout December, Pleygo is encouraging families to donate their old LEGO by registering at http://www.
Play therapy is an empirically supported intervention used to address a number of developmental issues faced in childhood.
It is for students and practitioners in early childhood education, play therapy, social work, and healthcare.
Mum-of-two Jo Thomas, 40, is a play therapy student at University of Glamorgan.