play-action pass

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play-ac·tion pass

n. Football
A pass play in which the quarterback fakes a handoff to a running back before throwing the ball.

play′-ac`tion pass′

Football. a pass play in which the quarterback fakes a hand-off to a back before throwing a forward pass.
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Carroll completed the drive off a play-action pass from 10 yards, hitting an open Bryce Carpenter.
A well-designed, play-action pass from Prince to Austin turned into much more, as Austin broke a tackle and scampered the rest of the way for a touchdown to close the gap to 21-17.
A quarterback fakes the run when he executes a play-action pass.
The Gaels added to their lead in the second quarter when Grady connected with Daryl Jent on a play-action pass that went for a 7-yard score.
On the ensuing play, USC called a play-action pass, and freshman quarterback Matt Barkley found a streaking Damian Williams for a 48-yard touchdown.
That balance creates a dilemma for opposing defenses, which Tom Brady has a documented history of exploiting through the play-action pass.
Watson was 20-for-25 passing for 335 yards and three touchdowns, including a beautiful play-action pass to sophomore Braydon Haas for a 44-yard score.
When you're able to go in the game and run the ball and play-action pass and (throw) screens and get down the field, when you have to defend that, it's tough.
We audibled unbelievable amounts last year for a variety of reasons, but one is when you don't have a fullback, when you can't line up with two backs and run the ball, or play-action pass and get protection, you've got to sit there and figure things out.
Specifically, Kelly pointed out that "offensively we rely on running the football, play-action pass.
If linemen drive out hard, backers will play the run while watching the running back and being cautious of the play-action pass.
Brady hit Gronkowski on a play-action pass for a touchdown with 9:20 left in the fourth quarter.