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A trademark for a program of a theatrical performance.


A poster announcing a theatrical performance.


1. (Theatre) a poster or bill advertising a play
2. (Theatre) the programme of a play



a program or announcement of a play.
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Noun1.playbill - a theatrical program; "he couldn't find her name on the playbill"
bill - a list of particulars (as a playbill or bill of fare)
programme, program - an announcement of the events that will occur as part of a theatrical or sporting event; "you can't tell the players without a program"


[ˈpleɪbɪl] Ncartel m


[ˈpleɪˌbɪl] nmanifesto (di teatro), locandina
References in classic literature ?
But the populace, seeing in that title an allusion damaging to Barbicane's project, broke into the auditorium, smashed the benches, and compelled the unlucky director to alter his playbill.
A gloomy wood," according to the one playbill, was represented by a few shrubs in pots, green baize on the floor, and a cave in the distance.
I took what Joe gave me, and found it to be the crumpled playbill of a small metropolitan theatre, announcing the first appearance, in that very week, of "the celebrated Provincial Amateur of Roscian renown, whose unique performance in the highest tragic walk of our National Bard has lately occasioned so great a sensation in local dramatic circles.
Thank you," she said, her little hand in its long glove taking the playbill Vronsky picked up, and suddenly at that instant her lovely face quivered.
For me was reserved the high honor of discovering among the rubbish of the ruined Coliseum the only playbill of that establishment now extant.
The place, with its gray sky and withered garlands, its bared spaces and scattered dead leaves, was like a theater after the performance-- all strewn with crumpled playbills.
But the playbills showed her nothing inviting and she was forced to go away to her work with the money burning her pocket and all manner of wild schemes floating in her head.
I have not time for anybody's affairs but my own and those of my honorable guests; but I make an agreement with the man who pastes up the papers, and he brings them to me as he would the playbills, that in case any person staying at my hotel should like to witness an execution, he may obtain every requisite information concerning the time and place etc.
POTUS tweeted Saturday that Moore's Broadway debut in "The Terms of My Surrender" was a flop, but Playbill claimed to fact-check the information, and published a report saying Trump's claim was not accurate.
The specifics are discussed below; almost all the theatres say they expect a bio in the playbill too.
Hit Broadway musical 'Hamilton' is launching a second national tour across the United States, reports Playbill.
1) Coleridge imagines himself as a kind of diurnal historiographer, the playbill representing the possibility of inscribing and retaining traces of the constantly changing beauty of the natural "scene.