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1. A book containing the scripts of dramatic plays.
2. Sports A notebook containing descriptions and diagrams of the plays of a team, especially a football team.
3. A set of tactics frequently employed by one engaged in a competitive activity.


1. (American Football) a book containing a range of possible set plays
2. a notional range of possible tactics in any sphere of activity



1. a book containing the scripts of plays.
2. a notebook containing diagrams of football plays.
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Noun1.playbook - a notebook containing descriptions and diagrams of the plays that a team has practiced (especially an American football team)playbook - a notebook containing descriptions and diagrams of the plays that a team has practiced (especially an American football team)
notebook - a book with blank pages for recording notes or memoranda
2.playbook - a book containing the scripts of one or more dramatic plays; "the 1963 playbook leaves out the whole first scene"
book - a written work or composition that has been published (printed on pages bound together); "I am reading a good book on economics"
3.playbook - a scheme or set of strategies for conducting a business campaign or a political campaign; "they borrowed a page from the playbook of the opposition"
scheme, strategy - an elaborate and systematic plan of action
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Users now have access to newly released "It's Your Career" playbooks for current and future RC Supply Corps officers.
Qvidian, the market leader in cloud computing sales effectiveness applications, today announced a major release of Qvidian Sales Playbooks & Analytics.
This is one of the main differentiators from other playbooks in the market," Mefleh added.
RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky recently released research saying RIM sold 250,000 Playbooks in the first month since its release.
cn analyzes that it is unclear the the BlackBerry PlayBooks recalled are sold in the U.
Shah, who has an "overweight" rating on RIM, predicts the company will sell 250,000 PlayBooks in its fiscal first quarter which began on February 27, and 5.
RIM expects to begin selling PlayBooks in the United States in early 2011 and rolling the tablets out to other countries by the middle of the year.
The police report said the playbooks were taken from the office of linebacker coach Vernon Hargreaves and the pages were removed from the binders, which were left behind.
FirstDown PlayBook[TM] Youth app is a tool for youth league football coaches and players to browse formation packs full of professionally drawn plays, create playbooks, and develop practice and game plans.
RIM is expected to ship some three million PlayBooks this year, far fewer than the 15 million iPads rival Apple shipped in a similar period last year to single-handedly create a market for touchscreen devices halfway between a smartphone and a laptop.
amp;nbsp; The estimates were noted from RBC analyst Mick Abramsky collected information from 180 Best Buy locations with results showing 84% of 64BG RIM PlayBooks sold were in late April.
State, and coaches made sure they had enough to print playbooks in the first place by grilling and selling weenies on campus every week.