(ˈpleɪˌkloʊz, -ˌkloʊðz)
casual or functional clothing worn for recreation, informal occasions, relaxing at home, etc.
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While most children her age would be spending the day at nursery or running around a playground in mud-spattered playclothes, this is another chance to glimpse probably the world's most photographed child.
Our baby and playclothes categories posted double-digit growth for 2003 and we are pleased with the performance of our spring 2004 products.
The increase in wholesale sales was attributed to strong demand for the Company's playclothes and baby products.
At the outset, the dancers, in their amusing period playclothes, twitch in place like Dr.
Anthony Keenan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Regal, said the addition of the McConnell and McFayden catalogues brings a new dimension to Regal's portfolio of catalogues - one of Canada's largest shopping databases, including Regal, Primes de Luxe, Disney, playclothes and Jacaranda Tree.
3 million due to increased demand for fall playclothes and baby products.