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A playmate.


(ˈpleɪˌfɛl oʊ)

a playmate.
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Noun1.playfellow - a companion at playplayfellow - a companion at play      
companion, comrade, familiar, fellow, associate - a friend who is frequently in the company of another; "drinking companions"; "comrades in arms"


[ˈpleɪˌfeləʊ] Ncompañero/a m/f de juego


n (Brit) → Spielkamerad(in) m(f)
References in classic literature ?
The rest, led by Magdalen (who had been Frank's favorite playfellow in past times) glided back into their old easy habits with him without an effort.
My motive,' returned Doctor Strong, 'is to make some suitable provision for a cousin, and an old playfellow, of Annie's.
Which that same identical," said Joe, going down a new track, "do comb my 'air the wrong way sometimes, awful, by giving out up and down town as it were him which ever had your infant companionation and were looked upon as a playfellow by yourself.
said Gurth, ``I fear discovery from none, saving my playfellow, Wamba the Jester, of whom I could never discover whether he were most knave or fool.
And so, finding Manu only amusing as an occasional playfellow or pet, Meriem poured out her sweetest soul thoughts into the deaf ears of Geeka's ivory head.
said their playfellow Thasus, who came running to join them.
Her elder cousins mortified her by reflections on her size, and abashed her by noticing her shyness: Miss Lee wondered at her ignorance, and the maid-servants sneered at her clothes; and when to these sorrows was added the idea of the brothers and sisters among whom she had always been important as playfellow, instructress, and nurse, the despondence that sunk her little heart was severe.
I see, with the pride of art and skill of masterly arithmetic and power of remote combination, the consciousness of being an agent and playfellow of the original laws of the world.
It was obviously strange to her to think that this stern handsome man should be Andrusha- the slender mischievous boy who had been her playfellow in childhood.
Have you any message for your old playfellow, Miss Garth?
But woman, the comrade and playfellow and joyfellow--this was what Dede had surprised him in.
He rushed frantically about, turning and twisting his course, now his nose to the ground, now up in the air, whining as frantically as he rushed, leaping abruptly at right angles as new scents reached him, scurrying here and there and everywhere as if in a game of tag with some invisible playfellow.