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Noun1.playground slide - plaything consisting of a sloping chute down which children can slide
playground - yard consisting of an outdoor area for children's play
plaything, toy - an artifact designed to be played with
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LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION OF WORK: This project shall consist of removing concrete curb, concrete sidewalk, fencing, playground surfacing, a playground slide, landscaping and landscape irrigation systems.
EAST BROOKFIELD - The Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association has indicated it will cover the loss of an expensive playground slide at the town beach as long as the replacement unit meets all safety standards.
The farm also has a good playground slide which looks like the covered, stainless steel one over at Conkers in south Derbyshire, a saucer swing and other play equipment.
A GIRL of three who died on her first day at nursery may have got tangled up in a rope on the playground slide.
Meanwhile 'Kenzie's Tree House' has its own spiral staircase and a stainless steel playground slide leading to a double set of swings.
There has been a sharp increase in metal thefts across the county, everything from dog fouling bins to a playground slide have been stolen.
She chased him through the park and up and down the playground slide.
Once that playground slide breaks, it's not getting recycled again," Peri says.
Concerns about PVL were heightened after mum Sherean Roberts told how her son Daniel, 10, was infected after a trivial fall from a playground slide in north London.
Scrambling up a hillside with the steep pitch of a really, really good playground slide, slipping on the carpet of golden yellow and brown maple leaves, I could see everyone's head do a little double take when Ray Robinson poked his knife toward the glittering understory and proclaimed, "There's one right there.
Reception class children did 175 bounces on space hoppers, while nursery youngsters slid down the school playground slide 175 times to raise the cash.
WHEN NOGUCHI represented the United States at the 1986 Venice Biennale, two years before his death, the centerpiece of his exhibition was a large, abstract, Carrara marble sculpture that functioned as a playground slide.