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also play list  (plā′lĭst′)
1. A list of musical selections for broadcast or performance: the radio station's playlist of songs.
2. A digital file designating a set of audio or video recordings to be played one after the other.


1. (Broadcasting) a list of records chosen for playing, as on a radio station
2. (Broadcasting) a list of tracks to be played in a particular order on an MP3 player or CD player
(Broadcasting) (tr) to put (a song or record) on a playlist



a list or schedule of the recordings to be played on the radio during a particular program or time period.
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Noun1.playlist - a list of musical selections for performance or for broadcast by radio
list, listing - a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics)


[ˈpleɪlɪst] N (Rad) → lista f discográfica
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We plan to incorporate as many additional services and features as possible in order to provide fans an unparalleled playlisting service through Digster.
COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Syntonetic(TM), creator of music playlisting and recommendation technologies, today announced that Moodagent is available for all mobile Android devices running OS 1.
No other digital music software is capable of actually playlisting songs automatically based on the characteristics of the specific song selections in a playlist.