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adj. pleas·ant·er, pleas·ant·est
1. Giving or affording pleasure or enjoyment; agreeable: a pleasant scene; pleasant sensations.
2. Pleasing in manner, behavior, or appearance.
3. Fair and comfortable: pleasant weather.
4. Merry; lively.

[Middle English plesaunt, from Old French plaisant, present participle of plaisir, to please, from Latin placēre; see plāk- in Indo-European roots.]

pleas′ant·ly adv.
pleas′ant·ness n.
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Adv.1.pleasantly - in a cheerful manner; "`I'll do the dishes,' he said pleasantly"
2.pleasantly - in an enjoyable mannerpleasantly - in an enjoyable manner; "we spent a pleasantly lazy afternoon"
unpleasantly - in an unpleasant manner; "he had been unpleasantly surprised"


[ˈplezntlɪ] ADV [say] → amablemente, en tono agradable
the evening passed pleasantly enoughla velada fue bastante agradable
the room was pleasantly furnishedla habitación estaba amueblada con gusto
it was pleasantly warmhacía un calor agradable
we were pleasantly surprisedfue una grata or agradable sorpresa para nosotros
I was feeling pleasantly drowsytenía una agradable or placentera sensación de somnolencia


[ˈplɛzəntli] advagréablement
to be pleasantly surprised → être agréablement surpris


advangenehm; smile, greet, speak etcfreundlich; pleasantly decoratednett or hübsch eingerichtet; the room is pleasantly light and airydas Zimmer ist angenehm hell und luftig; to be pleasantly surprisedangenehm überrascht sein


[ˈplɛzntlɪ] adv (smile, greet) → cordialmente
I am pleasantly surprised → sono piacevolmente sorpreso


(ˈpleznt) adjective
giving pleasure; agreeable. a pleasant day/person.
ˈpleasantly adverb
ˈpleasantness noun
References in classic literature ?
But the boy laughed and said pleasantly, though he looked a little startled, "Don't mind me, stay if you like.
The chairs and sofas were already occupied, and the air smelled pleasantly of cigar smoke.
She had eaten well; she had tasted the good, rich wines, and they must have turned her head, for she bowed pleasantly to all as she withdrew from table.
Put on a bright face for your customers, and smile pleasantly as you hand them what they ask for
And here, some six months ago -- pacing from corner to corner, or lounging on the long-legged tool, with his elbow on the desk, and his eyes wandering up and down the columns of the morning newspaper -- you might have recognised, honoured reader, the same individual who welcomed you into his cheery little study, where the sunshine glimmered so pleasantly through the willow branches on the western side of the Old Manse.
He, on his side, more and more visibly nervous, had a tone to master; but he was so much more successful than I that, laughing out through his gravity, he could pretend we were pleasantly jesting.
I quickly followed suit, and descending into the bar-room accosted the grinning landlord very pleasantly.
I always liked to go in the dog-cart, it was so light and the high wheels ran along so pleasantly.
It was late in the evening when the weary occupants of the shanties came flocking home,--men and women, in soiled and tattered garments, surly and uncomfortable, and in no mood to look pleasantly on new-comers.
As he talked along, softly, pleasantly, flowingly, he seemed to drift away imperceptibly out of this world and time, and into some remote era and old forgotten country; and so he gradually wove such a spell about me that I seemed to move among the specters and shadows and dust and mold of a gray antiquity, holding speech with a relic of it
I listened undisturbed to a piece of music that was fifteen minutes long--always expecting some tardy ticket-holders to come crowding past my knees, and being continuously and pleasantly disappointed--but when the last note was struck, here came the stream again.
He came home with his manners a good deal improved; he had lost his surliness and brusqueness, and was rather pleasantly soft and smooth, now; he was furtively, and sometimes openly, ironical of speech, and given to gently touching people on the raw, but he did it with a good-natured semiconscious air that carried it off safely, and kept him from getting into trouble.

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