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v. pleased, pleas·ing, pleas·es
1. To give enjoyment, pleasure, or satisfaction to; make glad or contented.
2. To be the will or desire of: May it please the court to admit this firearm as evidence.
1. To give satisfaction or pleasure; be agreeable: waiters who try hard to please.
2. To have the will or desire; wish: Do as you please. Sit down, if you please.
1. If it is your desire or pleasure; if you please. Used in polite requests: Please stand back. Pay attention, please.
2. Yes. Used in polite affirmative replies to offers: May I help you? Please.

[Middle English plesen, from Old French plaisir; see pleasant.]

pleas′er n.
Synonyms: please, delight, gladden, gratify
These verbs mean to give pleasure to: was pleased by their success; a gift that would delight any child; praise that gladdens the spirit; progress that gratified all concerned.
Antonym: displease
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Noun1.pleaser - a pleasing entertainer; "he is quite the crowd pleaser"
entertainer - a person who tries to please or amuse
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I'm no crowd pleaser, just a word teaser, No people pleaser, who's trying to fool ya.
When you have weak boundaries, you have difficulty saying no to others; you are a people pleaser who puts others' needs before your own more often than is good for you (or for them, for that matter).
Angie Miller and Kree Harrison have rocked styles by Hades Alternative Footwear and Pleaser USA purchased from online retailer, Gothic Plus for performances on the popular show.
Pool Pleaser plans on expanding their distribution and sales to supply federal agencies with specialty pool chemicals, supplies, and energy saving mechanical pool products.
I'm calling it the Crowd Pleaser tour because I'm reclaiming the phrase.
His new show Crowd Pleaser is picking up more rave reviews, and Ed is enjoying life on the road.
IRISH comedy star Ed Byrne is back on the road and bringing his new show Crowd Pleaser to the Victoria Theatre in Halifax.
Ed Byrne: Crowd Pleaser, Perth Concert Hall Starts 7.
This time around, the Crowd Pleaser tour is heavily laden with anecdotes about becoming a new dad.
Read in multi-voice by the Grammy-winning Jim Dale, this rollicking, funny and suspenseful story is a crowd pleaser.
Artwork a la the crayon drawing style of Syd Hof is sure to prove a child pleaser.