pleasure seeker

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Noun1.pleasure seeker - someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures
sensualist - a person who enjoys sensuality
Corinthian, man-about-town, playboy - a man devoted to the pursuit of pleasure
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Evil is foreshadowed when Dorian meets Lord Henry, a reprobate pleasure seeker who sees Dorian's innocence as a blank slate to be written upon, to Basil's dismay.
Scared, she accompanied the main accused the following day to a disco in a hotel in Deira where she met a pleasure seeker and had sex with him.
WLT : The South African hillside where you sometimes live and farm sounds quite unlike the first-class accommodations Piet Barol pursued in History of a Pleasure Seeker.
History of a Pleasure Seeker is South African-born Richard Mason's fourth novel.
STARS: Ryan and Helen on the set PLEASURE SEEKER Rosie strips down to white corset for a raunchy scene
She added: "I am a big pleasure seeker and I really believe in guiltless pleasure, if you're going to do it then just enjoy every second of it, life is just too short
He retired in 2003 with a final score of 9,530, among them a record nine Gold Cup winners, starting in 1970 with Pleasure Seeker and finishing 32 years later with Sky Jack.
Massingham acted in many of his films, his jowly, astonished-at-the-world rue and rumple reminiscent of an unstylized Robert Morley--part portly pleasure seeker, part Ealing everyman.
Pincay's won the Gold Cup with Pleasure Seeker (1970), Ancient Title ('75), Crystal Water ('77), Affirmed ('79), Perrault ('82), Greinton ('85), Super Diamond ('86), Aptitude (2001) and Sky Jack ('02).
You've heard this one before but not like this," declared Roisin before Pure Pleasure Seeker and this was true of most of the tracks.
Sometime in the '80s it was reanimated for the first time, but it wasn't until around 1998 that it blossomed and the exotically-shaped blue receptacle was brought back to life for a whole different kind of pleasure seeker.
She decries, "The roads cutting through pristine forests for greenwashed hotel development, indigenous rights pushed aside by snap-happy bio-pirates masquerading as awe-filled ecotourists, the tons of carbon dioxide expended flying there--the momentary pleasure seeker inadvertently obliterating the eternal.