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plein air

or plein-air  (plān′âr′, plĕ-nĕr′)
1. Of or being a style of painting produced out of doors in natural light.
2. Taking place outdoors: plein air dining.

[From French (en) plein air, (in) the open air : en, in + plein, full + air, air.]


(ˌpleɪnˈɛə; French plɛnɛr)
(Art Terms) of or in the manner of various French 19th-century schools of painting, esp impressionism, concerned with the observation of light and atmosphere effects outdoors
[C19: from French phrase en plein air in the open (literally: full) air]
plein-airist n


(ˌpleɪnˈɛər; Fr. plɛˈnɛr)

1. of or pertaining to a style of impressionist painting seeking to produce the luminous effects of outdoor light.
2. of or pertaining to painting done in daylight out of doors.
[1890–95; < French: literally, open air]
plein`-air′ism, n.
plein`-air′ist, n.
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The Plein-Air Painters of America is a fellowship of professional artists dedicated to the historic tradition of painting directly from life.
including large oil paintings, lithographs and some of Sandgren's best-known plein-air watercolors.
Plusieurs projets sont inscrits pourtant au profit de la wilaya de M'sila dans ce domaine, en particulier un theatre de plein-air et un palais de la culture, a rappele le responsable.
Twenty-four of the finest Plein-air painters from throughout the Northeast will be gathering in Central Massachusetts for Alternatives' premiere Blackstone Valley Plein Air Competition and Festival, Sept.
En marge de la scene musicale, se tiendront des ateliers, du graffiti, du street art (toute forme d'art effectuee en plein-air, dans la rue, ou dans des endroits publics), des competitions de sports de rue et l'habituel Souk.
Events include a gubernatorial forum with Governor Phil Bryant, a luncheon program featuring the great-great-grandson of President Jefferson Davis, a lecture on the legacies of Mississippi's governors, a statewide flower show, plein-air artists stationed around town whose art will be sold that afternoon, musical performers, an American folk-music concert, children's activities, book signings, a bake sale, a silent auction, and more.
Showing this month: From Plein-Air to the Studio, featuring nine Sarasota artists, opening March 1; and American Masters group exhibition, featuring works by, among others, Daniel Green, Ron Hicks and Ryan Brown, opening March 22.
Matloob Baig is a plein-air artist whose landscapes portray his great admiration for the striking beauty of the nature.
The sale auctioned the works of legendary California and American masters, including American Impressionist works, colorist and plein-air paintings, western and American landscapes, seascapes and still-life paintings.
There, he became "Buffalo" and part of the Taos Society of Artists, representing a new breed of Western plein-air painters.
Color, composition, creativity stressed in plein-air and studio painting, g.