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The property possessed by some crystals of exhibiting different colors, especially three different colors, when viewed along different axes.

[pleo- + Greek khrōs, color + -ism.]

ple′o·chro′ic (plē′ə-krō′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.pleochroic - of or relating to or having pleochroism
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The clinopyroxene is greenish pleochroic, and may range from aegirine augite to aegirine.
Small brown-green, pleochroic grains are hornblendes with variable compositions, and a few small biotite grains appear around some augite rims, but in general the rock is fresh and unaltered.
Amphibole subhedral grains are greenish pleochroic with well developed oblique cleavage.
Euhedral to subhedral strongly pleochroic phenocrysts of amphiboles form columnar shapes or hexagonal shapes typical for basal sections perpendicular to the c-axis.
Kunzite is strongly pleochroic, which means is shows a deeper intensity of colour when viewed from either the top or bottom, rather than from either side and is a hard stone, being a variety of spodumene that takes its colour from manganese.
Amphibole, biotites and feldspar compositions were determined by optical properties, such as relief, pleochroic colors, 2v angle amplitude, birefringence, extinction angles, optic figure and sign; for twinned plagioclase Michel-Levy plagioclase-determination method was used.
Augite phenocrysts more strongly Augite phenocrysts generally pleochroic having purplish-brown, pale-brown and zoning is not as Tirich rims.
Biotite of the main generation is vaguely pleochroic, light yellow-brown along X, light brown to brown along Y and Z.
Opals, Photonic Band Gap Materials, Pleochroic Refraction, and Monochromatic Lasers (M.
The amphibole shows variation in pleochroic colours depending upon the degree of alteration.