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(Zoology) zoology the abdomen of a crustacean


(ˈpli ɒn)

the abdomen of a crustacean.
[1850–55; n. use of Greek pléōn, present participle of pleîn to swim, sail]
ple′on•al (-ə nl) ple•on′ic, adj.
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The pleon length (ABL) was measured from the first pleonite anterior margin to the posterior furca of the telson (Cuesta et al.
To address this gap, the PCCS got together with Heart UK and with sponsorship from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer which provided them with marketing and PR advice through Ketchum Pleon, Follow Your Heart was devised.
Eight dancers presented seven types of Thai folk dances like Sao-Sarakham Lam Pleon, Pra Ram Tam Khwang, Ram Manohrah Buchayan, Srivichai Dance, Peacock Dance, For Ma-Lai and Phu Tai Sam Pao.
Pleon of six pleomeres, all shorter than pereomeres, and all of about same length, progressively narrower posteriorly; first five produced into long lanceolate lateral plates on both sides, most directed posteriorly; final pleomere produced into similar long posterolaterally directed uropods.
The school I attended was King Alfred School in Pleon, northern Germany.
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In 2009, Ketchum merged with Pleon, a leading European public relations firm headquartered in Duesseldorf, in one of the largest mergers ever in the public relations industry.
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