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pleu·ra 1

n. pl. pleu·rae (plo͝or′ē)
A thin serous membrane in mammals that envelops each lung and folds back to make a lining for the chest cavity.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin, from Greek, side, rib.]

pleu′ral adj.

pleu·ra 2

Plural of pleuron.


n. pl. pleu·ra (plo͝or′ə)
Either of the two lateral portions of a body segment of an arthropod.

[New Latin, from Greek, side, rib.]

pleu·ral adj.
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Adj.1.pleural - of or relating to the pleura or the walls of the thorax; "pleural muscles"


[ˈplʊərl] adjpleurico/a


a. pleural, rel. a la pleura;
___ cavitycavidad ___;
___ effusionderrame ___;
___ fibrosisfibrosis ___;
___ mesotheliomaendotelioma maligno ___.


adj pleural
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Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the most common causes of exudative pleural effusion in India and pleural effusion is the second most common site of extrapulmonary TB after lymph node.
Pulmonary physician-led bed side chest ultrasound is authentic, safe, quick, cost effective and helps in clinical decision making, in patients with complicated pleural, pulmonary and chest wall processes.
Pleural tuberculosis accounts for less than 1% of all exudative effusions in western countries, occurring in only 3%-5% of tuberculous patients.
His chest X-ray (CXR) showed a pleural effusion in the left hemithorax (Figure 1).
En este sentido vale la pena destacar el compromiso adverso a nivel pleural de algunos medicamentos, en especial del acido valproico.
Malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) is the most common primary malignancy of the pleura.
We describe the successful long term resolution of a patient who developed pleural effusions after starting continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD), by altering the PD prescription to normal volume daytime ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (DAPD) transiently before resuming the usual CAPD exchanges four months later.
Background: To determine the diagnostic yield of closed percutaneous pleural biopsy using Abrams needle and obtaining specific diagnosis in cases of exudative pleural effusion.
Pleural pathology varies widely and may manifest with one or more of the following: intrapleural liquid or gas, pleural thickening, and high attenuation.
Two years ago, she was treated for recurrent right-sided pleural effusions with pleurocentesis, which was negative for cytology and acid-fast bacilli.