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n. pleuroscopía, examen de la cavidad pleural a través de una incisión en el tórax.
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Hands-on training course on pleuroscopy (medical thoracoscopy) and pleural medical procedures.
Objectives: For assessing the use of if simulation training on animal cadavers as a useful tool for training in pleuroscopy.
3 Pleural biopsy can be performed by Abrams needle, pleuroscopy, video assisted thoracoscopic surgery and thoracotomy.
Diagnostic value of closed percutaneous pleural biopsy vs pleuroscopy in suspected malignant pleural effusion or tuberculous pleurisy in a region with a high incidence of tuberculosis: A comparative, age-dependent study.
Pleuroscopy is indicated in patients with acute respiratory failure due to an unresolved exudative pleural effusion but it may not be possible to move such patients to the operating theatre or endoscopy room for pleuroscopy due to their critical condition.
More useful is the description of the pleura (peritoneum, hydrocele) on imaging or pleuroscopy (laparoscopy).
Berkowitz and Armin Ernst, Pleuroscopy for Diagnosis and Therapy for Pleural Effusions.
Pleuroscopy resolves the diagnostic problem but the procedure requires more material resources and expertise.
Nausheen Ahmed in her presentation said that pleuroscopy was introduced for the first time in the year 2007 at any of the public sector hospitals in the country.
The obtained findings sometimes need to be confirmed by pleuroscopy or thoracoscopy with surgical biopsy.