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 (plo͞o′stən, -stŏn′)
Macroscopic organisms that float or swim on the surface of a body of water.

[Greek pleusis, sailing; see pleu- in Indo-European roots + (plank)ton.]

pleus·ton′ic (plo͞o-stŏn′ĭk) adj.


(ˈpluːstən; -stɒn)
(Biology) a mass of small organisms, esp algae, floating at the surface of shallow pools
[C20: from Greek pleusis sailing, from plein to sail; for form, compare plankton]


(ˈplu stən, -stɒn)

a buoyant mat of weeds, algae, and associated organisms that floats on or near the surface of a body of fresh water.
[1940–45; pleus- (< Greek pleûs(is) sailing]
pleus•ton′ic, adj.
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The annelid class Oligochaeta--considered by many authors as a bioindicator of environmental conditions is represented by a large number of genera and species present in continental waters within the benthic, pleuston, and periphyton communities (Hellawell, 1986; Rosenberg and Resh, 1993).
Both host species inhabits in routed and free floating plants forming part of benthos coast and pleuston from wetlands (Poi de Neiff & Neiff 2006; Poi de Neiff, Galassi & Franceschini, 2009).
Larvae of Scirtidae had been cited from Chaco Province under the old name Helodidae (not presently in use), as part of the pleuston associated to Pistia stratiotes in the Barranqueras River (Poi de Neiff & Neiff, 1977).
La reduccion de las limnofitas es un proceso que desestabiliza a todo el ecosistema acuatico (McCook, 1999), sin embargo es dificil precisar una causa precisa para este fenomeno, ya que los resultados obtenidos sugieren que la reduccion de la cobertura relativa y de la diversidad de las limnofitas estaria en funcion a la conjuncion de varios factores, como es la proliferacion de pleuston, el aumento de la turbidez, la inhibicion del crecimiento por exceso de nutrientes y materia organica, la reduccion de la concentracion de oxigeno disuelto y la incidencia diferencial de la PAR (radiacion fotosinteticamente activa, por sus siglas en ingles), dentro del marco de lo que Western (2001) ha denominado un sindrome de estres general del ambiente.
benthic or floating vegetation) and halfbeak eggs would be completely lost if pleuston was discarded from ichthyoplankton samples.
Detached seaweeds or fragments do not die, but can live as drifting pleuston by making use of the nutrients of the pelagic environment.
The occurrence of a taxonomically diverse assemblage of insects in the pleuston of Cox Bay in the central Texas coast is documented.
bouvieri is omnivorous, consuming a wide spectrum of items, from algae that lives in plankton, benthos and pleuston, to insects.
1 [female] (FML), km 327 on National road 81, between Hickmann and Dragones, sloughs with pleuston, 30 xi 2007, N.