(pluː) ,




(Textiles) (formerly in Canada) a beaver skin used as a standard unit of value in the fur trade
[from Canadian French pelu (adj) hairy, from French poilu, from poil hair, from Latin pilus]
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Plant general manager Dan Van Plew praised Limerick for helping the company expand its operations further at Raheen Park.
CEO of CK Plew Trivisvavet said the firm inked a construction deal with TTW to boost water-treatment capacity in two service areas, Samut Sakhon-Nakhon Pathom for Bt3.
378) In the 1930s, local businessman James Plew acquired 1,460 acres of land in Valparaiso to build two landing strips for use by civilian and military pilots.
will be available to Amazi and their Founder/Chief Water Officer, Crystal Plew.
De Stefano - Deanna Plew and Mario De Stefano, of Springfield, a daughter.
Stephens and Plew are partners at a database consulting firm and Jones is a custom database builder.
Nelson Shaffer reported for Clare Chatot and put forth a motion to be ratitied for Tracy Brannan and James Plew to be nominated as Fellows of the Academy.
1985 'Australian Aboriginal techniques of pressure-flaking stone implements: Some personal observations' in MG Plew, JC Woods and MG Pavesic (eds) Stone Tool Analysis: Essays in honor of Don E Crabtree, University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, NM, pp.
Katerina Plew sued in US District Court in lower Manhattan, saying Victoria's Secret infringed her May 2004 patent and knew about the patent since at least April 2006.
Plew and Kramer use a sticky projectile containing sensors with a transmitter.
Plew, a Chicago financier, purchased the land and the city's population and prosperity grew slowly.
A presentation prepared by PTS' Patrick Plew described how the system quickly drills out a core sample from a bale.