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 (plī-kā′shən) also plic·a·ture (plĭk′ə-cho͝or′)
a. The act or process of folding.
b. The state of being folded.
2. A fold.


(plaɪˈkeɪʃən) or


1. (Biology) the act of folding or the condition of being folded or plicate
2. (Geological Science) a folded part or structure, esp a fold in a series of rock strata
3. (Surgery) surgery the act or process of suturing together the walls of a hollow organ or part to reduce its size


(plaɪˈkeɪ ʃən, plɪ-)

1. the act or procedure of folding.
2. a fold.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Medieval Latin plicātiō. See plicate, -tion]
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Noun1.plication - an angular or rounded shape made by foldingplication - an angular or rounded shape made by folding; "a fold in the napkin"; "a crease in his trousers"; "a plication on her blouse"; "a flexure of the colon"; "a bend of his elbow"
pleat, plait - any of various types of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and then pressing or stitching into shape
angular shape, angularity - a shape having one or more sharp angles
twirl, kink, twist - a sharp bend in a line produced when a line having a loop is pulled tight
pucker, ruck - an irregular fold in an otherwise even surface (as in cloth)
2.plication - the act of folding in parallel folds
folding, fold - the act of folding; "he gave the napkins a double fold"


A line or an arrangement made by the doubling of one part over another:
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Driven by demand from markets where advanced materials are required, graphene promises to outstrip all current nanomaterials, especially in electronics and energy storage ap- plications.
Pneumonia and renal failure are the kind of comA[degrees] plications that present themA[degrees] selves with the presence of the syndrome in the system," Dr Gowri said.
The Baylor Heartburn Center proved to be a dramatic success and, over the course of a year, we performed over 70 endoluminal gastric plications and around 30 or 40 laparoscopic Nissens.
The principles were intended to ensure that mobile applications comply with applicable privacy laws such as the California Online Privacy Protection Act and include the conspicuous posting of a privacy policy by mobile applications when required by law, a means to make the privacy policy available from the application platform before downloading, a way for users to report noncompliant applications plications to the application platform provider, a process to respond to these reports and a pledge to further work with the attorney general on best practices for mobile privacy.
No cuts are made, but nine plications, tucks or folds are made in the fundus, the left part of the stomach and the opening of the esophagus.
plications ffered 'He ld s n Yesterday, 56-year-old Hanks led Hollywood's tributes to the 6ft 5in gentle giant.
Shell strongly ventribiconvex, transverse, subtrapezoidal and about three quarters as long as wide, with maximum width slightly anterior to the hinge line; cardinal extremities obtuse; ventral sulcus and dorsal median fold narrow, flattened, slightly more than one quarter as wide as the shell; dorsal median fold bisected by a fine groove; radial ornament of 5-7 plications on flanks and superimposed very fine striae, about 9-11 per 1 mm; dental plates sulcus-bounding, cardinal process smooth.
Unfortunately, by the time they're nosed with the condition, half of all ferers have already developed plications as they may have been living h it for up to 10 years," says Libby ling, clinical adviser at Diabetes UK.
NuSil Technology has several standard products, such as ECS1-ECS3, that are designed to work well in many different applications; however, as limits are pushed and ap plications experience harsher environments, novel solutions must be generated.
The rail link also has serious immuch plications for Ben Case and Alex Hales, who are both based in Edgcote, near Banbury in Oxfordshire, as the planned route goes through each trainer's gallops.
The drop in the number of English students applying to study in Wales is indicative of a general downwards trend of apstudents plications from across the UK.
Measurements taken on the upper premolars and molars include mesostyle crown height (MSTHT), length of tooth (APL), width of tooth (TRNW), protocone length (PRTL), protocone width (PRTW), and number of plications.