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plies 1

Third person singular present tense of ply1.
Plural of ply1.

plies 2

Third person singular present tense of ply2.
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At that hour the clear-voiced nymphs are with him and move with nimble feet, singing by some spring of dark water, while Echo wails about the mountain-top, and the god on this side or on that of the choirs, or at times sidling into the midst, plies it nimbly with his feet.
From house to house warm winter robes are spread, And through the pine-woods red Floats up the sound of the washerman's bat who plies His hurried task ere the brief noon wanes and dies.
A closet was filled with wine; the plate was of silver, the napery elegant; a good picture hung upon the walls, a gift (as Utterson supposed) from Henry Jekyll, who was much of a connoisseur; and the carpets were of many plies and agreeable in colour.
Adventure-seeking doth he go Up rugged heights, down rocky valleys, But hill or dale, or high or low, Mishap attendeth all his sallies: Love still pursues him to and fro, And plies his cruel scourge- ah me
Hanks, West and McMinn developed a fiber-reinforced resin composite for ballistic protection consisting of multiple plies of a woven fabric and resin.
Manual operations can for example be found in material handling, when picking prepreg plies from a cutter table and stacking them to form a plane laminate in preparation for a subsequent forming operation.
In many existing AFP cells manual inspection of composite plies accounts for a large percentage of production time.
With twice the stiffness, tires can be designed incorporating MilliCap Reinforcement Tape with the same restrictive force needed to maintain steel belt placement as multifilament cap plies with half the material.
The pneumatic tire does not include any beads because the plurality of carcass plies is folded onto itself at each of the first and second sidewall portions.
The assessment protocol consisted of performing the plie according to the following sequence: two demiplies followed by two grand plies in first position (external rotation of the lower limbs, keeping heels together), followed immediately by the same movements in second position (external rotation of the lower limbs, keeping heels apart), maintaining the arms abducted on the shoulder line.
If the plies in the laminated composite are sufficiently thin, the failure mode should concerned on the development of a failure process zone at hole side (thick plies fails by delamination).
Utility pole wood plies for the laminated beams were obtained by initially cutting each pole segment into boards.