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also plis·se  (plĭ-sā′)
1. A puckered finish given to fabric by treating it with a caustic soda.
2. Fabric having such a finish.

[French, from past participle of plisser, to pleat, from Old French, from pli, fold, from plier, to fold, from Latin plicāre; see plek- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈpliːseɪ; ˈplɪs-)
1. (Textiles) fabric with a wrinkled finish, achieved by treatment involving caustic soda: cotton plissé.
2. (Textiles) such a finish on a fabric
[French plissé pleated, from plisser to pleat; see ply2]


or plis•se

(pliˈseɪ, plɪ-)

1. a textile finish characterized by a puckered or blistered effect, produced by chemical treatment.
2. a usu. lightweight fabric having this finish.
[1870–75; < French plissé, n. use of past participle of plisser to pleat; see ply2]
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Brands: Baby Sens, Baby Star, BabyFral, BioCare, Cuddlers, DryBaby, Drykids, Drypers, EQ Dry, Hey Baby, Libero, Pequenin, Plisse, Tessy, Treasures
This act of choosing from a collection of saris not only symbolizes Bimala/Subhadra's dissatisfaction with her current life, it allegorically represents the different masks a writer wears behind the narrators and characters of a story: "The sari," writes Devi," is a thread you could follow, an Ariadne's thread that rolls itself up, folds, submits and unrolls again, leading straight to the heart of the labyrinth" (51) ("Le sari est un fil que l'on pourrait suivre, un fil d'Ariane qui s'enroule, se plisse, s'assujettit et se deroule, et qui mene droit au cAEur du labyrinthe" [67]).
For instance, the artist has also flirted with an aesthetics of opulence, as with the three large-scale color photographs of sumptuous Issey Miyake plisse fabrics from her 2010 Reena Spaulings show "Therapie Thank You," which are included in the Dusseldorf exhibition, and ventured deep into an aesthetics of the drastic, as with her series of close-up black-and-white photographs of assholes ("Anus," 2004), her still lifes of raw liver incongruously on display in a bank branch ("Liver," 2006), and her colorful Photoshop juxtapositions of MRI scans of a human fetus and macro-lens desertscapes ("It's Not My Body," 2011).
3]ture la presentation dans une maxirobe en mousseline de soie fuchsia fonce, le buste entiE rement plisse et rebrode defleurs en pierreries.
In a show of blatant, unadulterated excess in modern elegant design, the Rosette hanging lamp with adjustable mounting, features a gleaming metal lamp shade with floral plisse design and show-stopping glass tassels," he said.
uk or call 0161 442 9500) have the perfect solution with their combi-blind in Duette and Plisse ranges.
Models sashayed down the ramp wearing attires made up of fabrics like cotton, muslin, voile, handlooms, linen, jersey, plisse and lace.
New shower curtain designs are a dressmaker-detailed batiste, called Plisse, and Caprice and Marie Antoinette that tie back to bedding collections.
Start by setting your summer party area with the right fabrics, which in 2006 include a variety of bold, fun styles: "Stripes and embroidered and mohair and large polka dots and shimmering and textured and all sorts of cool sheers," lists Kerr, along with metallics and plisse.
Giorgio Armani also dressed various guests of the post-awards celebrations, including Molly Simms, from the hit show "Las Vegas," who wore a Giorgio Armani gray silk plisse evening gown.