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Noun1.ploce - (rhetoric) repetition to gain special emphasis or extend meaning
rhetoric - study of the technique and rules for using language effectively (especially in public speaking)
repetition - the repeated use of the same word or word pattern as a rhetorical device
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Invitation to tender: maintenance and monitoring of railway tracks in the port of ploce refers to the maintenance and supervision of 62 turnouts and track the total length of 15,834.
Lors d'une entrevue fait par SUNA, Kambal a affirme que la ploce et les autres forces de securite n'ont pas registre de grands incidents, soulignant le plein controle des forces armees de la region.
Eren Veral said on Monday Turkoil hired half of the tanks (with a total capacity of 41 thousand tons) at a main oil terminal at Bosnia's Ploce Port for a term of ten years, adding that the company planned to start wholesale operations as of this coming July.
Smaller ports, such as Ploce and Split on the Dalmatian coastline, are also entry points for narcotics.
Taking into consideration also the empirical data according to which the container turnover at the terminal Vrapce is 90% connected with the Port of Rijeka, a clear relation can be obtained between the future forecasts about the movement of freight in the Port of Ploce and the needs for the capacities of the terminal Vrapce.
Literature analysys will lead to conceptual framework for research that will take place in Port of Ploce, Port of Vukovar and Port of Koper in order to develop an improved model of port management system with higher level of efficiency of port processes.
15, 2010 (TAP)-Tunisia's national women's handball U17 team lost to Spain's 26-11 at a sixth Mediterranean women's Championship held on November 15-21 in Ploce, Croatia.
It is important to begin works on the European Route E73 at the connection point in Ploce (Croatia) at which the south part of Bosnia and Herzegovina would connect with the Adriatic-Ionian corridor.
All of the figures mentioned so far demonstrate Carlin's magnificent sensitivity to prose written and spoken; the same is true of the devices of repetition: antanaclasis, ploce, polysyndeton, antimetabole, polyptoton, pseudo-zeugma.
Banje beach, just outside the Ploce Gate to the old town, is a city beach complete with a nifty clubhouse selling drinks and snacks.
Florent, Monte Carlo, Marseille, Portovenere, Porto Vecchio, Porto Cervo, Taormina, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Venice, Koper, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Korcula, Kotor, Ploce, Sibenik, Rab, Trieste, Corfu, Messina and Almeria.
Upon Enquiry, I found my learned Friend had dined that day with Mr Swan, the famous punster; and desiring him to give me some Account of Mr Swan's Conversation, he told me that he generally talked in the Paronomasia, that he sometimes gave into the Ploce, but that in his humble Opinion he shined most in the Antaclasis.