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Noun1.ploce - (rhetoric) repetition to gain special emphasis or extend meaning
rhetoric - study of the technique and rules for using language effectively (especially in public speaking)
repetition - the repeated use of the same word or word pattern as a rhetorical device
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It has been established as an extension of the Trans-European Transport Networks and will eventually link the Hungarian capital Budapest with the Croatian port of Ploce.
U rjesavanju prijeloma rabili smo razlicite tehnike: uporabu zicanih serklaza, DC ploce, LCP sustava i dugog revizijskog stema.
The closest beach, the bijou Banje, is a short walk from the Ploce Gate and can get busy with jet skis.
The Komarda Konoba Cafe Bar is a great example, situated in a small park just outside Ploce Gate, shaded by trees and overlooking the old port.
The storage company announced its acquisition of a newly opened Adriatic Tank Terminal in Ploce, a deepwater port on the Croatian coast, with 50,000 cubic metres of petroleum products storage, along with partner Energia Naturalis Holding.
ship offloaded the American weapons at the Croatian port of Ploce.
China's CNBM International Wins Ploce Contract : At the end of September 2014, China-based CNBM International Engineering signed a EUR100mn contract with the Croatian Ploce Port, after becoming the highest bidder to equip a new bulk cargo terminal in the Adriatic port.
The Corridor 5C links Hungary's capital Budapest with the Croatian Adriatic port of Ploce via Bosnia and is part of the Pan-European corridor network aimed at better integrating and connecting Europe, as well as improving infrastructure quality, particularly for.
Lors d'une entrevue fait par SUNA, Kambal a affirme que la ploce et les autres forces de securite n'ont pas registre de grands incidents, soulignant le plein controle des forces armees de la region.
On the other, BiH will be granted the right to continue to use the Croatian port of Ploce for its exports of agricultural products of animal origin to third countries.