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A multiple of the basic number of chromosomes in a cell.

[From diploidy and haploidy.]


(ˈplɔɪ di)

the number of chromosome sets in the nucleus of a cell.
[1935–40; see -ploid, -y3]
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a leading agricultural research company, today announced that they have signed an agreement to commercialize new corn varieties for the Chinese market using Kaiima's Enhanced Ploidy (EP(TM)) technology and Keteng's elite germplasm.
The work explores the ground-breaking concept that alterations in genome ploidy are prevalent in drugR isolates because these genome states promote persistence and drug resistance.
The content and composition of chemical constituents in plant parts vary with geographical condition, plant age, climate and ploidy of the plant (Venakutonis and Dagilyte 2003).
Samples of sperm used to create each line and the resulting spat (n = 25 per line) were tested using standard flow cytometry techniques at the VIMS ABC hatchery to verify that spat were of the appropriate ploidy before their deployment in the field.
22,23) Actually, platelet size is determined by megakaryocyte ploidy at the time of platelet production and has no relation with the age of a platelet.
Using semen flow cytometry to evaluate association of ploidy status and chromatin condensation ofspermatozoa with conventional semen parameters: clinical application in intrauterine insemination.
It has been reported that cytokines such as interleukin-3 and interleukin-6 (IL-6) influence megakaryocyte ploidy and can lead to the production of more reactive and larger platelets (4).
Thus, it is important to develop a method to verify the ploidy level of organisms after induction or to detect polyploidy in the environment where oyster farming has occurred for long periods of time.
A cli-nicopathologic study of 79 cases with an analysis of histologic subtypes, immunohistology, and DNA ploidy.
Adding to this layer of complexity is the increasing evidence for profound heterogeneity in DNA copy number states, somatic mutational and ploidy profiles that may be distinguished within a single tumor sample (3-5) or between primary and metastatic sites (6-9).
Analysis of ploidy (in megabase chromosomes) in Trypanosoma brucei after genetic exchange.