plough in


w>plough in

vt sep manure, crop etcunterpflügen
References in classic literature ?
458-464) So soon as the time for ploughing is proclaimed to men, then make haste, you and your slaves alike, in wet and in dry, to plough in the season for ploughing, and bestir yourself early in the morning so that your fields may be full.
Mr Mmapetla further advised those who would plough in March to plough mainly beans.
Mr Moyo said those who managed to plough in January had their crops carried away by rain water and others had their crops submerged in water something he said called for re-ploughing.
The shooting at the Plough in London Road, Coventry, took place as long ago as October 1996 - but alleged gunman Anthony Stephens was not arrested for more than 17 years.
The age at which one can legally drive a tractor on a public road is 16, but at 13 one is legally allowed to plough in a designated area (away from the public).
However I did bump into a gentleman who said that he had the Ransomes plough in his garden as a piece of garden furniture, but he wouldn't part with it.
She is the first woman from the area to plough in the British competition and has got the confidence and interest to do well.