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1. Reinvestment of profits in the business that earned them.
2. An amount of profits thus reinvested.



a reinvestment of earnings or profits in a business enterprise.
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The focus should now be on companies' capex deployment for the year and attributes that go with it in terms of plowback to the earnings cycle.
The high court's partial entry of judgment last week paved the way for its eventual plowback to farmers.
The companies' worldwide plowback percentage was 54 per cent during 2008-12 while the US recorded the highest level at 123 per cent and Europe the lowest at 31 per cent.
The plowback funds turned out to be a good investment for the counties.
P/E = the fundamental price-earnings ratio, g = expected growth rate of earnings per share, ROE = return on equity, g/ROE = b = plowback ratio (retention ratio), (1-g/ROE) = (1--b) = payout ratio,
SGR represents the sustainable growth rate, which we calculate as the product of return on equity and plowback ratio.