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Noun1.plug fuse - a fuse with a thread that screws into a socketplug fuse - a fuse with a thread that screws into a socket
electrical fuse, fuse, safety fuse - an electrical device that can interrupt the flow of electrical current when it is overloaded
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Procurementpurchasing Products in the 4 Groups, Lanterns Fixed Stop Lamps, Key Locks Scb Pentagonal with Two Terminal Strips for Plug Fuses Ced, Junction Box Covers Non-Metallic, Non-Metallic Lids Box 4 and 6 Signal Transformers Is Necessary for the Work of Maintenance and Repair of Railway Infrastructure - Installations Scb Traffic Safety (Fixed Stop, Outdoor Gear, Junction Boxes, Transformer Boxes Signal) Across Srcf Iasi.
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Kevin Bond, who lives in Adderley Street, said: "All the lights blew and I think all my plug fuses have gone.