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1. An object, such as a cork or a wad of cloth, used to fill a hole tightly; a stopper.
2. A dense mass of material that obstructs a passage.
3. A usually cylindrical or conic piece cut from something larger, often as a sample.
4. Electricity
a. A fitting, commonly with two metal prongs for insertion in a fixed socket, used to connect an appliance to a power supply.
b. A spark plug.
5. A hydrant.
a. A flat cake of pressed or twisted tobacco.
b. A piece of chewing tobacco.
7. Geology A mass of igneous rock filling the vent of a volcano.
8. Informal A favorable public mention of a commercial product, business, or performance, especially when broadcast.
9. Slang Something inferior, useless, or defective, especially an old, worn-out horse.
10. Slang A gunshot or bullet: a plug in the back.
11. A fishing lure having a hook or hooks.
v. plugged, plug·ging, plugs
v. tr.
1. To fill (a hole) tightly with or as if with a plug; stop up.
2. To insert (something) as a plug: plugged a cork in the bottle.
3. To insert in an appropriate place or position: plug a quarter into the parking meter; plugged the variables into the equation.
4. Slang
a. To hit with a bullet; shoot.
b. To hit with the fist; punch.
5. Informal To publicize (a product, for example) favorably, as by mentioning on a broadcast: authors who plug their latest books on TV talk shows.
v. intr.
1. To become stopped up or obstructed: a gutter that plugged up with leaves.
2. Informal To move or work doggedly and persistently: "You may plug along fifty years before you get anywhere" (Saul Bellow).
Phrasal Verbs:
plug in
1. To connect (an appliance) to an electrical outlet.
2. To function by being connected to an electrical outlet: a power drill that plugs in.
3. Slang To cause (someone) to use a computer network, the internet, or an electronic device.
4. Slang To become informed about or involved with: was eager to plug in to the campus social scene.
plug into
1. To connect or be connected in the manner of an electrical appliance: The local system is plugged into the national telephone network. This computer plugs into a data bank.
2. Slang To cause (someone) to use a computer network, the internet, or an electronic device.
3. Slang To cause to be informed about or involved with: connoisseurs who are plugged into the current art scene.

[Dutch, from Middle Dutch plugge.]

plug′ger n.
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Noun1.plugger - someone who is an active supporter and advocateplugger - someone who is an active supporter and advocate
adman, advertiser, advertizer - someone whose business is advertising
barker - someone who stands in front of a show (as at a carnival) and gives a loud colorful sales talk to potential customers
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Starting his career while in high school, Van Heusen worked from radio to the Cotton Club, from song plugger to songwriter, from New York to Hollywood.
Neil Diamond added: "He was the king of Tin Pan Alley - there never was a better song plugger.
The set features a poseable Flash character, a moveable winch on Plugger and removable front wheels on Roary.
The plugger zones over the ball at a depth of 8 to 10 yards and looks for crossers.
In the NHL, a segment of fans tried to elect Rory Fitzpatrick, a nondescript plugger forward, to the All-Star Game, but their mock campaign fell short.
The product line includes four water-based micro-emulsion sealers including Okon W-1 Water-Repellent Sealel, Okon Multi-Surface Water-Repellent Sealer, Okon W2 Water-Repellent Sealer and Okon Plugger Water-Repellent Sealer; and two water-based silane/siloxane penetrating sealers including Okon S-20 Water-Repellent Sealer and Okon S-40 Heavy Duty Water-Repellent Sealer.
Each unit is sold with a Duct Plugger which greatly reduces water entry into the duct.
1993 was the year Intermedia was born; Steve Tandy a young budding plugger had the ambition of creating the biggest independent regional promotions team
5 ml / syringe, Disposable tips AND Radio-opaque),Dycal (catalyst & base),Cavit (Premixed temporary material),Tubliseal Sealer ,Spirit lamp,Ball burnisher,GP Plugger/ Hand plugger,Excavator,Stone plaster (Green) (Pack of three kg)