plumbing fixture

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: fixture - a fixture for the distribution and use of water in a buildingplumbing fixture - a fixture for the distribution and use of water in a building
fixture - an object firmly fixed in place (especially in a household)
fount, fountain - a plumbing fixture that provides a flow of water
plumbing, plumbing system - utility consisting of the pipes and fixtures for the distribution of water or gas in a building and for the disposal of sewage
shower - a plumbing fixture that sprays water over you; "they installed a shower in the bathroom"
sink - plumbing fixture consisting of a water basin fixed to a wall or floor and having a drainpipe
commode, crapper, potty, pot, throne, toilet, stool, can - a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination
urinal - a plumbing fixture (usually attached to the wall) used by men to urinate
hydrant, water faucet, water tap, tap - a faucet for drawing water from a pipe or cask
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Treasure Coast most reputable plumbing contractor & plumbing fixture showroom.
Kohler is one of six major plumbing fixture companies currently doing business in our general area.
Most often installed in PEX plumbing systems, the Manabloc services each plumbing fixture in the installation with a dedicated, independently controlled water line.
The plumbing fixture company agreed to settle a Labor Department lawsuit accusing Kohler of gender discrimination for a policy that required workers to be at least 5 feet 4 inches tall.
industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal and plastics plumbing fixture fittings and trim, such as faucets, flush valves, and shower heads.
Melia III, vice chairman of the Board of Selectmen, passed around a photo of a plumbing fixture that had turned red in recent weeks.
Through 2010, the South and West regions are expected to lead gains in plumbing fixture and fitting demand in the US.
The Plumbing Fixture Fitting and Trim Manufacturing Industry report contains the most recent data and analysis on the industry's key financial data, cost and pricing, competitive landscape, industry structure.
Plumbing fixture shipments are expected to approach $4.
com/research/795117/vitreous_china_plu) has announced the addition of Supplier Relations US, LLC's new report "Vitreous China Plumbing Fixture and China and Earthenware Bathroom Accessories Manufacturing Industry in the U.
Plumbing fixture shipments are projected to rise over 4 percent per annum through 2002 to $4 billion.

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