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plump 1

adj. plump·er, plump·est
1. Well-rounded and full in form; chubby. See Synonyms at fat.
2. Abundant; ample: a plump reward.
v. plumped, plump·ing, plumps
To make well-rounded or full in form: plumped up the pillows.
To become well-rounded, chubby, or full in form: The baby plumped out at three months.

[Middle English, dull, probably from Middle Low German plomp, blunt, thick.]

plump′ish adj.
plump′ly adv.
plump′ness n.

plump 2

v. plumped, plump·ing, plumps
1. To drop abruptly or heavily: plumped into the easy chair.
2. To give full support or praise: plumped for the candidate throughout the state.
To throw down or drop (something) abruptly or heavily: plumped the books onto the table.
1. A heavy or abrupt fall or collision.
2. The sound of a heavy fall or collision.
Blunt; direct.
1. With a heavy or abrupt drop: The anchor fell plump into the sea.
a. With a full or sudden impact: walked plump into the pole.
b. Directly: ran plump into an old friend.
3. Without qualification; bluntly: spoke out plump for the tax bill.

[Middle English plumpen, to immerse quickly, perhaps from Middle Low German, probably of imitative origin.]


somewhat plump


(ˈplʌm pɪʃ)

rather plump; tending to plumpness.
plump′ish•ly, adv.
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Well-rounded and full in form:
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At the emblematic level, Wallis Simpson, model-thin, chic and childless: a twice-divorced American, was obviously out-royalled by a pretty plumpish chiffony person with Scottish ancestry, whose daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret Rose, aged ten and six at [Edward's] accession, were already familiar from press photographs as the little golden-haired princesses.
Suspect one - white male, 5ft 9in to 5ft10in tall, plumpish build, in his 20s.
In Women Shopping for Robo Maid, 2012, a plumpish lady in heels is shown in a department store perusing clunky metal men modeled, it appears, on Sophie Taeuber Arp's marionettes and Hugo Ball's costumes.
The other is described as plumpish, 5ft 4ins tall with black hair and in a black coat.
Paul), he held her small, plumpish hand between his own.
From the image of a rather plumpish cat, he has leaned down and, having just passed his fiftieth birthday, is coping with the challenges of a minority government; he is far more dynamic than during his first term in office.
Marie Besnard, the heroine - or anti-heroine; we never found out for sure - was middle-aged, plumpish and decidedly frumpish.
The third was in his 40s with a plumpish face and plump build, smaller than the other two men and wearing a dark blue shirt and stone washed jeans.