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A hybrid fruit that is a cross between a plum and an apricot and is typically three-quarters plum and one-quarter apricot.

[Originally a trademark.]
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Look for the new apricot-plum cross 'Summer Delight' aprium, which ripens in late July and packs more apricot flavor than a pluot.
And this past September, in almost too literal a landmark of resurrection, D'Arcangelo's name appeared across an Artists Space announcement for the exhibition "Anarchism Without Adjectives: On the Work of Christopher D'Arcangelo (1975-1979)," curated by Dean Inkster and Sebastien Pluot, with Richard Birkett and Stefan Kalmar (which debuted at CAC Bretigny, France, and will travel to Extra City, Antwerp, Belgium, in the fall).
If you like apricots and plums, you might like to grow the new hybrid called Pluot - this cross between an apricot and a plum is worth a go - just ensure that you have a plum tree within bee flying distance to ensure good pollination.
The plumcot is the ancestor of the modern pluot, which has the distinction of being patented, a protection not available to Burbank.
Also more intense than its ancestors is the pluot, which looks and tastes like a plum with a hint of apricot.
THE PERFECT FRUIT: GOOD BREEDING, BAD SEEDS, AND THE HUNT FOR THE ELUSIVE PLUOT offers the fine story of a fruit breeder who developed the Pluot fruit--and examines those who have pursued exotic flavors and fruits around the world.
We especially enjoyed the chilled, spicy pluot soup with Dungeness crab, melon and avocado bombe.
And I'm guessing this means that you haven't tasted a pluot, didn't buy a red banana and you still get round peaches?
much less than] Quel avantage y a-t-il a considerer les ressources et les facteurs de production comme latents et eventuellement disponibles pluot que completement absents ou rares?
Egalamant, il est significatif qua 'incorporation da la villa, pluot qua sa fondatio n, fassa 'objet des celebrations las plus importantes.
Sainsbury introduced the pluot to its customers this week under the varietal name Flavour King plum, although in fact the stone fruit is natural cross between a plum and an apricot.