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Noun1.pluralisation - the act of pluralizing or attributing plurality to
inflection, inflexion - a change in the form of a word (usually by adding a suffix) to indicate a change in its grammatical function
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2015, <<L'homoparcntalite et la transparentalite au prisme des sciences sociales: revolution ou pluralisation des formes de parente?
Concurrently with this process of rationalisation follows a pluralisation of forms of life which shatters previous taken-for-granted meanings and truths.
First, there is "the prioritisation of crime and the intensification and pluralisation of punishment," where we have seen increasing "selective incapacitation" and "selective rehabilitation" (Downes and Van Swaaningen, 2007).
Gromme F (2012) Surveillance in the supermarket: technology and the pluralisation of crime control.
Ces dynamiques expriment un changement de paradigme radical que l'on met en perspective au regard du rapport entre africanite et pluralisation religieuse qui se donne a voir, depuis quelques annees, dans ces deux champs religieux.
Estonian political scientist, Tonis Saarts, sees two dimensions also in Estonian politics--on the one hand, there is the Estonian Reform Party with Pro Patria and Res Publica Union, forming the right, and on the other hand, there are the Estonia's Social Democratic Party with the Estonian Centre Party, forming the left (Saarts 2014), although the number of registered political parties has even grown during the last years, indicating pluralisation.
Certainly, there has been a pluralisation of Anzac memories--via Indigenous entries and an acknowledgement of 'Other' Anzacs--but it is quite another thing to render those bodies visible as part of the most potent performance of Anzac memory.
Essentially, this story describes the evolution of moral beliefs to the present day, that is, how former self-evident and sacralised worldviews, which justified specific social and political orders, have undergone a process of de-sacralisation, contestation and complexification that mirrors to some extent the inner differentiation, pluralisation and complexification of societies (Habermas, 1981: 64 ff.
A clear illustration of the dependency of morphology on phonological markedness constraints can be seen in the phenomenon of reduplication as pluralisation.
In doing so, I draw on Bashkow's (2006) analysis of indigenous perceptions of 'whitemen', an Anglicised pluralisation of the Tok Pisin (TP) waitman or waitsikin (white skin).
However, 'Putrid Deadagogies' is perhaps a companion piece to Gert Biesta 'Making Pedagogy Public' in its questioning of "public pedagogy as pedagogy for the public and as a pedagogy of the public tend to work toward the reduction of plurality" he advocates through Hannah Arendt's triad of plurality, action and freedom--toward a pluralisation (p.