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The thought of Pascal's was brought home to him: "A MESURE QU'ON A PLUS D'ESPRIT, ON TROUVE QU'IL Y A PLUS D'HOMMES ORIGINAUX.
The youthful little Princess Bolkonskaya, known as la femme la plus seduisante de Petersbourg,* was also there.
Those little shepherds were supposed to have looked down upon /la mere beaute/, and upon /la plus jolie fille de France/ as she danced her incomparable minuets.
The surprise to me is, that you forgot to purchase this ne plus ultra of elegance while in Paris last summer.
The little one (she has a mother somewhere, out of sight, shut up in a closet or a trunk) is a good deal prettier, and, perhaps, on that account elle y met plus de facons.
Adieu, mon ami; je vous souhaiterais un devoir plus agreable a remplir.
The words of some people might generally be written with a minus sign after them, the minus meaning that the personality of the speaker subtracted from, rather than added to, their weight; but Rebecca's words might always have borne the plus sign.
Vous allez m'oublier, et ne plus penser a moi--ni me voir.
Come, speak frankly, mon fils; elle est encore jeune, plus agee que toi peut-etre, mais juste asset pour unir la tendresse d'une petite maman a l'amour d'une epouse devouee; n'est-ce pas que cela t'irait superieurement?
Their meagre physical experiences, plus their meagre intellectual experiences, made a negative sum so vast that it overbalanced their wholesome morality and healthful sports.
Cela n'est pas plus fin que ca, when you get a peep at their cards.
raised the brim of his hat), which hotels number thirteen, plus the Cour des Miracles, plus the Maladerie, called the Banlieue, plus the whole highway which begins at that Maladerie and ends at the Porte Sainte-Jacques.