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adj. plush·i·er, plush·i·est
1. Resembling plush in texture.
2. Informal Ostentatiously luxurious: a plushy office.

plush′i·ly adv.
plush′i·ness n.


adj, plushier or plushiest
(of texture) resembling plushlavish or extravagant


(ˈplʌʃ i)

adj. plush•i•er, plush•i•est.
1. of, pertaining to, or resembling plush.
2. luxurious.
plush′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.plushy - (of textures) resembling plush
coarse, harsh - of textures that are rough to the touch or substances consisting of relatively large particles; "coarse meal"; "coarse sand"; "a coarse weave"
2.plushy - characterized by extravagance and profusion; "a lavish buffet"; "a lucullan feast"
rich - suggestive of or characterized by great expense; "a rich display"


Informal. Characterized by extravagant, ostentatious magnificence:


[ˈplʌʃɪ] ADJde mucho lujo
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While on vacation, 48 percent prefer to stay in a mid-range hotel, but 28 percent indicated that on their most recent vacation they opted for plushier accommodations offered by luxury hotels.
It has emerged that having served almost two years of his sentence the former TV executive has been moved to plushier quarters in Wheatfield Prison.
In today's fast-moving world small pubs just wouldn't be able to compete with the larger, plushier and better facilitated premises.