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A dwarf planet that orbits the sun at a greater distance on average than Neptune.

[Pluto + -oid.]
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The IAA has found that Pluto, also referred to as a plutoid-a dwarf planet farther out in space than the planet, Neptune-has also lead to classification of the other plutoids, Eris and Makemake.
The New Horizons probe will perform a flyby during which it will attempt to take detailed measurements and images of the plutoid and its moons.
Though our solar system "lost" a planet when Pluto was re-classified as a plutoid in 2006, we have gained new solar systems with the discovery of extra-solar planets.
The other planet recently classified as a Plutoid was Eris, a small dwarf planet that also orbits the Sun beyond Neptune.
The additional classification as a plutoid makes clear where in the solar system Pluto and other objects like it reside.
Now that we've gotten the go-ahead from the IAU, the third plutoid will be named soon," he says.
Besides Pluto, the second known and named plutoid is called Eris.
All three categories - planet, dwarf-planet and plutoid - share two core characteristics, the 10,000-strong astronomical association decided.
The International Astronomical Union announced June 11 that the name plutoid will apply to any dwarf planet that orbits the sun beyond Neptune and that has enough mass for its self-gravity to give it a near-spherical shape.
Since it also fulfils the criteria of the new Plutoid sub-category, Makemake has become the Solar System's fourth dwarf planet and its third plutoid.
Pluto would also be recognized as the prototype for a new class of trans-Neptunian objects (TNO) to be called Plutoids.
Pluto would also be recognised as the prototype for a new class of trans-Neptunian objects (TNO) to be called Plutoids.