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Noun1.plyboard - a laminate made of thin layers of woodplyboard - a laminate made of thin layers of wood
laminate - a sheet of material made by bonding two or more sheets or layers
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Tenders are invited for New Test Bench For The Electrical Test Room Made Up Of Angle Frame Complete Unit Fitted With Plyboard Isi Make For The Electrical Electronics Items Of Locomotive Of Wdm3d As Per Drg.
The report profiles 109 companies including many key and niche players such as - Atlantic Plywood Corporation Boise Cascade Company Century Plyboard (India) Ltd.
Stud bays were closed in order to block the participant's view with a combination of cardboard and plyboard or drywall (Fig.
The spark immediately blazed into a fire, which was aided by the already weathered plyboard used as the outer and dividing walls between the two bedrooms and the bathroom, situated in a single file next to one another.
Its superb composition contains, among other elements, a real saxophone, flute, and a reconstructed washboard on a blue plyboard background.
Even behind the Blankety Blank plyboard desk, it was obvious that those undulating curves had long disappeared.
Sukwinder Singh, 50, was devastated when his shop HC Plyboard and Timber Ltd, which he ran with his father, was also destroyed in the fire.
Wood, timber, plyboard, doors and window fittings, furniture, wire and metal mesh are all going to become costlier.
Entry gained into secure building site by pulling off plyboard from window space on ground floor.
If you have really ugly walls try and clad them or cover them with something such as plyboard, which you can paint, or screening, which comes on a roll.