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or pneum-
1. Air; gas: pneumothorax.
2. Lung; pulmonary: pneumoconiosis.
3. Respiration: pneumograph.
4. Pneumonia: pneumococcus.

[From Greek pneuma, wind, breath; see pneu- in Indo-European roots, and from Greek pneumōn, alteration (influenced by pneuma) of pleumōn, lung; see pleu- in Indo-European roots.]




, before a vowel


or before a vowel


combining form
(Physiology) of or related to a lung or the lungs; respiratory: pneumoconiosis; pneumonitis.
[from Greek pneumōn lung or pneuma breath]


a combining form meaning “lung,” “thorax”: pneumograph.

Also, pneumono-;

[shortening of pneumono-, comb. form representing Greek pneúmōn lung; akin to pneûma breath (see pneuma)]
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Thus, at each test station, with the endoprosthesis installed in it, the force is applied vertically (as a rule, to the acetabula component) by means of individual pneumo- or the hydro cylinder.
For the treatment of pneumo- and hemothoraces, a prospective care path was designed with the goal of increasing the rapidity of chest tube removal and decreasing patient length of stay.
Obtain full country and product-specific forecasts of currently marketed and pipeline pneumo- and meningococcal vaccines from 2010 to 2019.
98 (IgG [greater than or equal to] 50) Clamydophila pneumo- 161 (47.