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n. L. neumomediastinum, presencia de gas o de aire en los tejidos del mediastino.
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Chest pain and dyspnea are the common presenting symptoms of spontaneous pneumomediastinum.
In patients with pneumomediastinum, usually several other findings substantiate the presence of air in the mediastinum.
A finding of subcutaneous air, gross oropharyngeal hemorrhage, persistent fever, or shortness of breath should prompt the surgeon to rule out a deep neck infection, carotid injury/blowout, and pneumothorax or pneumomediastinum.
Pneumothoraces in the setting of blunt chest trauma may result from leakage of air from damaged alveoli or small airways into the pleural space, or less commonly in conjunction with a central air leak from the tracheobronchial tree with pneumomediastinum.
We describe the clinical aspects of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus infection in children who developed spontaneous pneumomediastinum (1) or plastic bronchitis (2).
Colonoscopy is a relatively safe procedure with well recognized complications of bleeding and perforation, moreover rare occurrences such as are splenic injury, pneumomediastinum, pneumothorax, incarcerated hernia, ileus and diverticulitis are described in the literature (1,2,4).
Abstract: Spontaneous pneumomediastinum (SPM) is a rare and benign clinical entity characterized by free air around mediastinal structures.
Potential mimickers of the cupola sign can occur with the presence of air within the lesser sac, gas within the high transverse colon, gas within a horizontally-oriented stomach, pneumopericardium, or pneumomediastinum.
We advise that after every balloon dilatation, the trachea should be examined for signs of injury and, post procedure, the patient should be observed for chest pain, haemoptysis and pneumomediastinum.
Spontaneous pneumomediastinum and hemopneumothoraces secondary to cystic lung metastasis.
Complications included acute respiratory distress syndrome, pneumomediastinum, myocarditis, and development of oseltamivir-resistant virus; 3 patients died.