po' boy

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or po' boy or po-boy  (pō′boi′)
A sandwich originating in New Orleans consisting of meat or seafood, such as roast beef or fried oysters, and often lettuce, tomatoes, and condiments, served on French bread.

[Probably from poor + boy (perhaps in reference to the free sandwiches given to striking streetcar workers (considered "poor boys") by the Martin Brothers Coffee Stand during a transit strike in New Orleans in 1929), or perhaps from folk-etymological alteration of French pourboire, pourboire (said to have been used in New Orleans also in the sense "alms given to beggars," and then applied in English to the sandwiches distributed by nuns as alms); see pourboire in Indo-European roots.]

po' boy

(ˈpəʊˌbɔɪ) or


a baguette filled with fried meat or seafood
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From the po' boy to jambalaya and boudin, this is a city no foodie should miss.
In addition to the Etouffee, the Oyster Po' Boy has transformed into the Soft Shell Crab Po' Boy ($15), served on French bread with cayenne remoulade and seasoned fries.
e recipe I came up with is an extrapolation of the famous seafood po' boy sandwich of the southern US.
You can read the complete recipe from the Food Network, and while it may not be friendly on a diet, a Po' Boy will quickly make a disappointed fan forget their team's loss.
The duo will also be putting their own twist on a Louisiana classic, the Po' Boy.
On weekdays, they offer daily "green plate" specials that run the gamut from an oyster po' boy to red beans and rice, all for under $10, including sweet tea.
This is the real deal, heartfelt and (mostly) happy music, tasty as an alligator po' boy.
Area chefs joined in opening week to prepare po' boy sandwiches all day for a $25 donation.
The earnest falsetto on Only A Boy and the sad-eyed but determined Po' Boy Soul reveal an introspection and self-doubt that would be out of place amid The Charlatans' mighty attack.
We had his trademark high-pitch vocals on Po' Boy Soul, catchy barndance Years Ago, summery Jamaican sound of Wait For The Sunshine and Bob Marley's Who The Cap Fit.
The Po' Boy is made from fresh French bread with a crunchy, crust outside and any variety of fillings inside.
If that were not enough, Bob does the lounge lizard in Moonlight, and is timelessly jazzy in the shuffle Bye And Bye and the ballad Po' Boy.