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or po-boy or po'boy  (pō′boi′)
n. Gulf Coast US
Variants of poor boy.
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Dishes include New Orlean's style Po-Boy sandwiches with slow fermented bread, specialist burgers in floured artisan buns, Jambalaya, artisan corn bread, southern fried chicken, hot dogs in artisan subs, pecan pie and authentic cheesecake.
Of course you can still get po-boy sandwiches, muffalettas, shrimp, lobster thermador and of course those famous beignets.
Same goes for the fried shrimp po-boy with lettuce, tomato, red onions and remoulade sauce on a hoagie bun.
If they do, it's lagniappe,'' she said, the French expression for a little something extra, something that could be as simple as a couple more oysters on a Po-boy.
Add a dipping sauce to serve an authentic fried crawfish appetizer, fill a loaf of French bread and make a genuine Po-boy or top your favorite mixed greens for a unique bayou crawfish salad.
Buy a muffuletta or a po-boy and have it for lunch on a bench in Woldenberg Park.
Make sure to check out the grilled oysters, seafood platters, gumbo, and roast beef po-boy.
From an Oyster Po-Boy to a more simple option of a pepperoni pizza, we know that everyone will leave full and happy.
Never mind that at lunchtime one day a po-boy oyster sandwich ($11) paired with the wonderful, well-seasoned, house fries, may allow you to rejoice about the good food of New Orleans even if you've never been there.
The Shrimp Po-boy comes over-stuffed and fully dressed with creole mayo and a side of fries.
The original Cafe N'Awlins, 122 San Fernando Road, Burbank, (818) 563-3569, has been closed temporarily for kitchen equipment improvements that will allow the cooking of beignets, po-boy sandwiches and expanded deep-fried seafood capabilities.