poached egg

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Noun1.poached egg - egg cooked in gently boiling waterpoached egg - egg cooked in gently boiling water  
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
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His theory was fixed around corned-beef hash with poached egg.
But of all the picture's admirers who stood before it, I believe I was the only one who longed for Boadicea to stalk from her frame, bringing me corned-beef hash with poached egg.
She was sorry Anne was going away, of course, but was that any reason why she should fail to appreciate a poached egg on toast?
It was half-way through the morning, and he had not breakfasted; the slight litter of other breakfasts stood about on the table to remind him of his hunger; and adding a poached egg to his order, he proceeded musingly to shake some white sugar into his coffee, thinking all the time about Flambeau.
And here comes in the stout head waiter, puffing under a tray of hot viands--kidneys and a steak, transparent rashers and poached eggs, buttered toast and muffins, coffee and tea, all smoking hot.
To assemble the dish, place a slice of toast garlicky side up on each plate, spread an equal amount of avocado over each slice of toast, top with two slices of bacon and then a poached egg.
By adding a poached egg and potato scone you have a well-balanced, interesting dish that will satisfy anyone with a hearty appetite.
a fantastic starter topped with a softly 4 poached egg Place a large heavybase saucepan over a medium heat and spray with low-calorie cooking spray.
Dear Nadia Please, please, please give me some tips for the perfect poached egg I never seem to pull them off whenever I make them.
Dishes introduced in the menus include Variazione di Cavolo Nero, kale three ways with poached egg and crunchy bread; Zucchine e Uovo, zucchini puree, goat cheese, poached egg, bread; Pollo al Rosmarino, rosemary chicken breast, baby spinach, local potatoes, lettuce; and Sorbetto al Limone e Timo, lemon thyme sorbet, plum tomato and vanilla compote and many more.