pocket calculator

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Noun1.pocket calculator - a calculator small enough to hold in the hand or carry in a pocketpocket calculator - a calculator small enough to hold in the hand or carry in a pocket
calculating machine, calculator - a small machine that is used for mathematical calculations
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I haven't had a pocket calculator since 1974 when I purchased a solar-powered model for my O-Level maths exam.
When you go for a Chinese meal always take with you a measuring tape, a pocket calculator, a table of values of the coefficient of kinetic friction for various food types and a spring balance to measure the weight of each mouthful.
That process is slow, however, so the new fuel cell generates just enough electricity to run a pocket calculator.
Then fiddling briefly with it as though it were only a pocket calculator, I switched off the picture-by-picture confirmation beep sound.
Ireland is sending a free pocket calculator, with a special key for converting pounds to euros, to every household in the country - all 1.
At four respected companies, life-altering inventions such as the personal computer, the pocket calculator, the copier, and computer networks were devised, refined, and patented.
5 inches, weighing just 4oz the size of a pocket calculator.
Or the problem of finding a pocket calculator with enough digit slots to hold your checking account balance.
And he doesn't know who'll work out the tax on the players' wages and the gate money from the tie - because the PAYE man's downed his pocket calculator until he gets his back pay as well
You need a good pocket calculator to work out the price of a soft drink and if you want to buy anything more expensive, like a meal at a hotel, a new shirt or a pair of shoes, throw out your pocket calculator - there is not enough space in the display window to reveal how many billions you have to pay.
Anyone who doubts the efficiencies of computers can easily test their skills by challenging something as simple as a $3 pocket calculator.
Horace Busby, a wiss political consultant whose pocket calculator never sleeps .