pocket comb

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Noun1.pocket comb - a small comb suitable for carrying in a pocketpocket comb - a small comb suitable for carrying in a pocket
comb - a flat device with narrow pointed teeth on one edge; disentangles or arranges hair
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Rather, it was the water cooler around which they would swap "war stories"--how they fixed a Model 9200 with nothing but a pocket comb and a rubber band, the time that a family of raccoons had taken up residence inside a Model 7503 and so on.
We've been using it to sanitize just about anything that fits into the box: keys, credit cards, pocket comb, loose change, etc.
Somehow my pocket comb got broken between the time I went to my work site and returned that evening to the room I was sharing with Steve Florsheim at a city "pension" (boarding house).
Wallflower girl couples and the County Fair daisies, roses on their cheeks crack when I go by so my banana bag spills: broken roll-on strawberry gloss, bummed bong, red twelve-toothed pocket comb, thong.
I recall holding a pocket comb under my nose with my left hand while extending my right arm, clicking my heels, and intoning, "Heft Hitler